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Four simple ways to dial down your phone usage…


Chances are your smartphone is within arm's reach or you're on it right now. We're spending more time than ever on our digital devices and with the flood of incoming texts, emails, calls and push notifications, it's rare for our screens to stay dark for more than a moment.


Indeed, according to recent research, 35 per cent of Aussies check their phone within five minutes of waking up in the morning, while 70 per cent admit to using their phone during meal times with family and friends[i].


Now, even Instagram and Facebook have introduced tools to help people manage their time on the platforms, including new ways to limit notifications and a daily reminder tool to send an alert when your time allocation has passed[ii]. Apple is also on the bandwagon, with the latest iOS 12 update allowing users to manage screen time by adding activity reports, app limits and new Do Not Disturb and Notifications controls[iii].


Here, amaysim, provider of simple household utility services, shares four amazingly simple steps to kick-start your digital detox.


1)      Disable pesky push notifications

To reduce your digital dependency, turn off your phone's push notifications for social media – including Facebook, Instagram and dating apps. Studies have found that mobile alerts trigger the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with addiction. Curb your habit by removing triggers – like the ping or flash of a push notification.


2)      Gradually dial back

Let's face it – breaking a habit, or addiction in some cases, is tough and generally cannot be done overnight. Start cutting back your tech time by putting your phone down for 15 minutes without looking for a day. The next day, break away from it for 30 minutes, and so on. Or if you're feeling brave, designate one day a week to stay offline completely.


By simply decreasing your mobile usage you can pay for just what you need and increase the amount of money in your back pocket. amaysim enables you to easily switch between their range of great value mobile plans from $10 to $50 with unlimited talk & text and no lock-in contracts. A perfect set up for dialling down your data usage with no hassle. 


3)      Buy an alarm clock

They may not be the best cuddlers, yet it seems we cannot resist sleeping with our phones. But if you jump into the sheets with your phone because it doubles as your alarm – watch out. You're practically inviting the whole world – every Facebook friend, YouTuber, news report – into your bed. Try to keep your phone outside your room and invest in an alarm clock. Your body will thank you after a good night's rest.


4)      Find your social media fix IRL

Identify the sites or apps you're spending all your time on and ask yourself what draws you in. Create a way to find that satisfaction in real life. Double tap artistic photos on Instagram? you're Visit an art gallery with a friend instead for a real-life culture hit. If fitness blogs are your go-to, organise a run or hike with friends.


There's no question technology has made our lives easier but it's important to switch off from time to time, so get started with your spring digital detox!


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