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Billionaire Boys Club DVDs

Thanks to Defiant Screen Entertainment here is your chance to win one of 5 x Billionaire Boys Club DVDs.

Cast: Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Taron Egerton
Director: James Cox
Genre: Biography, Drama, Thriller
Rated: MA
Running Time: 108 minutes

Defiant Screen Entertainment is proud to present Billionaire Boys Club, the true crime story of ambitious entrepreneur Joe Hunt, whose company of affluent young men from Beverly Hills, the BBC, grew into a Ponzi Scheme that turned homicidal in the summer of 1984.

Starring young Hollywood A-listers Ansel Elgort (Baby Driver) and Taron Egerton (Robin Hood), Billionaire Boys Club traces the wild ride of financial whiz kid Joe Hunt (Elgort) and tennis pro Dean Karny (Egerton) whose investment pool propels them into the upper echelons of LA society. With their charisma and unbridled ambition, the two convince a clique of privileged trust fund babies to invest in the BBC. Overnight Joe and Dean become the stars of a world dripping with money, sex and celebrity. Their lavish lifestyle and impressive returns obscure a snowballing fraud. As the law finally catches up, their hollow empire collapses under the weight of insatiable greed and the body count rises.

According to Producer Holly Wiersma the journey to bring Billionaire Boys Club to the screen began seven years ago. She explains, "I was at my home trying to figure out what movie I wanted to develop next. So, I googled the 10 biggest crime stories in L.A. and there was the Cotton Club murders, the O.J. Simpson case, the Menendez brothers – and then I came across this thing called The Billionaire Boys Club. And I just thought, 'Wow! That is such a cool title. Now that's a movie I would want to see right away. Los Angeles, Ponzi scheme, young kids.'"

Wiersma's husband, and co-producer Cassian Elwes, told her the story had already been done, but Wiersma was determined to proceed with the project, which she considered fresh and exciting for today's movie audiences. As the script was developed, Wiersma explains "Instead of the story everybody knew, we decided to do something different. Everybody has a different version of the story and the more we researched and based the script on all the court transcripts, the more we decided that maybe things weren't quite as they seemed. At the time when the TV movie was made, at least one of the trials hadn't happened yet. So, we used a lot of information that wasn't available back then."

On the casting of her two young anti-heroes, Wiersma explains Ansel Elgort's interest in the role was that the subject matter, genre and character were all very different from the kind of movies and roles he was being offered at the time. "He had just come off of the romantic drama The Fault in Our Stars and the action blockbuster Divergent series," explains Wiersma. "So, our film was very different in terms of the genre and the role for him. As for Taron, he had come off Kingsman and Eddie the Eagle, which were big movies, with large budgets," Wiersma continues. "And I think with our film, he was attracted to the cast – he was a fan of Ansel's. And he was looking forward to doing something different from his previous work."


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