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Big Girls: AMAZING lingerie trends for 2020


Australian lingerie retailer for plus size and curvy women, Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore, has just released its 2020 lingerie trend predictions and some of them will have you jumping for joy - literally!


According to Karen Edbrooke, founder of Big Girls, lingerie isn't just about style and comfort, thanks to advances in bra technology, it is now also a lifestyle enabler that will help you engage in activities you once thought impossible. 


"Bra technology has really evolved over the last five to ten years. The technology involved in bra development and production means that the body of the bra, rather than the straps, holds and manages the weight and movement of the breasts," Karen said. 


"Women with large breasts can now wear virtually any type of dress they want and we will have a bra that suits the dress and also provides the required support. 


"You could do skipping rope jumps or cartwheels and feel completely supported.... even bungy jumping if you so desired. The new era of bras are that good!"


Australia's largest independently owned lingerie and swimwear business, Big Girls, provides the country's biggest range of fashion products.   It also is one of the country's biggest retail innovators, offering virtual fittings and it's latest innovation, Big Girls TV.   Big Girls TV is an online lingerie show for plus size and curvy women delivered via the internet.   Shows include the live streaming of lingerie fashion parades and other informational segments using real life everyday Australian women as models and the inclusion of a presenter who comperes the segments and responds to questions real time sent in from viewers during the course of the show.   The team at Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore affectionately call the new online TV channel 'BGTV'.   BG TV shows regularly attract hundreds of thousands of viewers. 


Understandably women across the country visit Big Girls' social media sites to learn about the latest in lingerie and swimwear. 


Karen outlines the trends for lingerie in 2020



"In 2020, we are going to see more lingerie being worn as outerwear. Many of our styles have been designed so that they can be worn quietly and traditionally undergarments or as part of garments as an obvious feature," Karen said. 


"Lingerie will be far more functional in 2020, allowing women to wear it in more ways. We are definitely going to see more lingerie being worn as part of outfits."



"Lingerie in 2020 is going to be pretty, bold, feminine, luxurious and highly versatile. We are already seeing lots of stunning designs created with embroidery. Many of our new styles feature stunning embroidery which provides a feeling of luxury and style," Karen added.


"Sheer mesh is also making quite an appearance in 2020 with many pieces boasting gorgeous delicate embroidery. Embroidery is such an oldie worldie delicate design style that is being renewed in 2020 with modern thoughtfulness and style."


Mix and match

"Mixing and matching different colours, patterns and styles together is the theme of 2020," Karen said.  


"Wear it your way is what we are encouraging women to do in 2020. Don't be restricted to the sets or style of a designer or brand, take what you want from different options and make it work for you.   As a result, we are seeing bottoms and tops being mixed around to create really interesting and different looks. After all, everyone has a unique body, so it makes sense that women should be able to mix and match to suit themselves."


High tech sports bras

Advances in technology have delivered a new wave of sports bras designed to provide the necessary support, but to also deal with the challenges of sweat, skin irritations and strenuous activity. "Our latest range of sports bras are highly advanced. They absorb moisture and sweat minimising the impact on the skin. As a result, you feel fresher and more comfortable while exercising. They are also more flexible. Many include significant support without the inclusion of an underwire. Fabrics are now also really lightweight so you avoid skin irritations while also experiencing high support." Karen said. 


Versatility and flexibility

"Wear your bra how you want. That is our mantra. With many of our styles in 2020, you can change and adjust the straps to suit virtually any kind of top or dress. Straps can be hooked on the same side or hooked to cross over - on the front or the back. There are many ways you can wear the straps," Karen said. 


"This is going to be a huge feature of 2020. Front hooking bras are also making a huge return. They have always been popular, but they are expected to really boom in 2020 because of their simplicity, comfort and ease of use, especially for women with limited movement or upper-body injury, back or muscle issues."


Environmentally friendly

"Women care about what's good for them and the environment and this is shining through at Big Girls and will be a big factor in 2020," Karen said.


"Breathable allergy-friendly fabrics will also feature highly as will fabrics made from sustainably responsible sources such as bamboo. We are going to see more and more lingerie made from bamboo-derived materials.  This is one of the big areas of growth for us."


Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore caters to women of all shapes and sizes, and has built a large social media following as a result. Their page on Facebook currently has over 100,000 'followers'.   Their Brisbane store was founded by Karen Edbrooke in 1992 and has grown to become a national brand.


"I founded Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore after realising the difficulties that larger and curvier women faced in finding lingerie that fits their size. The reason we have stayed open so long is our willingness to innovate and adapt to the times," Edbrooke said.


Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore sells bra sizes 6 to 36, and cup sizes A to N – in total they offer products in over 270 sizes. They have the largest range of fuller figured bras in Australia.  Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore's range of bras are available for shipping to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Their store in Brisbane is only 20 minutes from Brisbane City and the Brisbane Airport. The brand celebrated 27 years of operation this year. 


"Although we have the largest range of fuller figured bras in Australia, we also cater to smaller curvier women as well. Our services are available to every woman living in Australia and New Zealand, regardless of how big or small they are," Karen added.