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Buckle Belts

Win 1 of 3 Buckle | 1922 auto belts valued at $54 each.


Find your perfect fit with new breed of belt


Belt technology, for the most part, has stayed consistent since its inception decades ago. And belts remain an essential accessory for men that consist of a piece of leather with some holes and pin. However, this is starting to change, with many making the switch from the standard "holed" belt technology to a new breed of belts without holes.


Men's accessory connoisseurs Buckle | 1922, are among the brands starting to embrace this innovative trend with their new auto belt collection. Crafted from the highest quality Australian-made leather, these sleek leather belts let you freely adjust your size without the need for holes.


A standard holed belt only has five holes that are often set one inch apart, so it can be hard to find your desired fit. No holes mean that you can precisely adjust your belt to the perfect fit and accommodate any expansion in your waist throughout the day, for example after a big lunch you might need to loosen it a notch or two. The auto belt's flexibility also make them excellent risk-free gift.


Buckle | 1992's auto belt technology uses a row of notches sewn onto the underside of the leather and a tab in the buckle that catches on the row of notches to keep the belt in place. This row of notches can hold up to 45 different settings.


Simply feed the leather strap between the upper and lower parts of the buckle and push it through until you hear it catch.  The buckle then auto locks the belt for the perfect fit every time.


Buckle | 1922's auto belt range is available in two styles – Hamilton and Sterling, and two colours – black and tan. RRP $54.00.


About Buckle | 1922

Buckle | 1922 accessories are available from Myer, David Jones, quality independent men's retailers nationwide or online from


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