Win a Love Triangle Rose Quartz Crystal by Stoned Crystals

Win this gorgeous Love Triangle Rose Quartz Crystal by Stoned Crystal valued at $159.00.


Rose Quartz: the stone of universal love.


Ethically sourced and expertly cut, Australia's premier homewares and lifestyle brand, Stoned Crystals, allows you to transform your home or office into a space of tranquil thought and reflection.


Part of the brand's inaugural Geo Gems collection, the Love Triangle restores trust and harmony in relationships and encourages unconditional love. Dusty pink in colour and laser cut to a triangular pyramid design, Rose Quartz is believed to purify the soul and open the heart chakra to feelings of love, fulfilment, friendship, healing and peace.


Converting vibrational energy into thoughts and inspiration, this semi-precious stone dispels negativity and protects a space from modern-day pollutants caused by radio frequencies and other mobile devices. Calming and reassuring, this crystal also provides emotional and spiritual comfort during times of grief, conflict and inner-turmoil, and may also dissolve feelings associated with jealousy, bitterness and guilt.


Promoting self-worth and acceptance, the Love Triangle by Stoned Crystals is an ideal stone to keep in all rooms of the house and is a popular choice for customers new to the category.


Love Triangle, RRP: $159 

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