Pod & Parcel Super Sample Value Box

Thanks to the launch of The Hartmann Estate here is your chance to win a Pod & Parcel Super Sample Value Box containing 18 boxes of coffee (180 coffee pods), valued at $154.

Melbourne's Pod & Parcel collaborates with award winning coffee producer Hartmann Estate.

Pod & Parcel, Melbourne-based coffee company, known for producing premium, compostable and biodegradable coffee pods, are teaming up with Panama's Hartmann Estate for a limited release collaboration.

"We are absolutely thrilled with the taste of the Hartmann Estate coffee. It has driven us to push boundaries to see what is possible with sustainable coffee pods, and we are excited to share the results with our consumers." says Pod & Parcel's Managing Director, Owen Symington.

The Hartmann Estate, Single Origin from Panama is Pod and Parcel's eleventh roast in their Brunswick roastery. This exclusive, once-off run does come with a marginally higher price point due to the sourcing of the beans from a small farm in Panama; a country famous for its high-quality coffee.

The Hartmann family have been generational coffee lovers since their family came to the region in 1911, after Luis Hartmann escaped the first world war in Czechoslovakia. Known for their strict dedication to cultivating the best quality beans, Hartmann Estate continues to impress both locally and internationally year after year. The 'Black Winey' method (unlike washed or natural beans) involves a ripe cherry which is picked, sorted and air-dried on raised beds resulting in fruit-driven and juicy coffee, with slight acidity.

This exclusive once-off run of Hartmann Estate pods can be purchased for $12.90 for a pack of 10 biodegradable and compostable pods via Pod and Parcel's website: www.podandparcel.com